community statement

We value highly the metaphor of journey. We’re different people from different places and backgrounds, representing a multi-generational community, and we’ve traveled different paths. So, we agree not to make assumptions about the person across from us, next to us, or in conversation with us. We challenge ourselves to be sensitive, knowing this community includes a diverse group of people from life-long followers of Jesus, to people who are just now open to the idea that God might exist. We strive to avoid offense, ask good questions, articulate and explain our responses. We don’t assume fluency in bible, spirituality, or Church language, because we believe the message of Jesus is not for Christianity, but for humanity. So, we do everything in the spirit of love and grace.

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Ben Collins

As Executive Director & Community Architect, Ben is exploring what it means to speak wisdom & challenge that cultivate faith community.  Hailing from Melbourne, FL, Ben studied theology at Asbury Seminary and is currently preparing for Doctoral work at Chicago Theological Seminary.  He's served many churches and communities in Central FL in the last 10 years.  He's always thinking about Collective, but sometimes he's also training, racing, and coaching triathlon, an adjunct professor of religion at Stetson University, reading, playing music, enjoying scotch and bourbon, writing, laughing a lot, and most important- being a husband to Stacy and chasing his 2-year-old daughter, June.